UV is helping to shape the 21st century market for human capital development. Between spending on traditional higher education (families and governments), training (employers), and workforce development (governments), approximately $1 trillion is spent annually in the U.S. to further human capital post-high school.

As the talent needs of our economy change, the human capital development market must change as well, or economic growth will suffer. Employers won’t be able to find the talent they need to do the jobs of today and tomorrow. Skill gaps will form. Individuals will find themselves investing in education and training that don’t directly address employer needs, resulting in unnecessary unemployment or underemployment. And government investment in workforce development will be misdirected.

Better aligning human capital development with the needs of the economy is a massive opportunity for the American economy and the American people. Harnessing new technologies and new business models, UV is reimagining human capital development in order to propel economic growth and improve economic security for all Americans.

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